Following the regressions caused by the recent version 1.6.1, here is another bugfix release. Solarus goes then to version 1.6.2 and teletransporters bugs are now fixed.


Changes for Solarus 1.6.2

Solarus logo

Engine changes

  • Fix scrolling teletransporters with a square size (#1412).
  • Fix hero displayed above stairs walls.

Changes for Solarus Quest Editor 1.6.2

Solarus Quest Editor logo

  • Fix crash when closing tileset views (#467).
  • Fix broken enemies in the initial quest (#466).
  • Automatically install translation files.
  • Update French translation.

Changes for Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX 1.12.2

Mystery of Solarus DX logo

  • Fix some scrolling teletransporters broken in Solarus 1.6.1.

Changes for Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD 1.12.2

Mystery of Solarus XS logo

  • Fix freaking cave teletransporters broken in 1.6.1.