This is the download page of the Solarus engine. All the download packages below contain : the engine, the quest editor and a sample quest. In order to help you to make your own game with the engine, these links might also be helpful:

Latest version


Engine, editor and sample quest for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download v1.3.1

Mac OS X

Engine, editor and sample quest for Mac OS X 10.6 or greater.

Download v1.3.1

Debian/Ubuntu 64-bit

Debian package of the engine for 64-bit Debian

Download v1.3.1

Debian/Ubuntu 32-bit

Debian package of the engine for 32-bit Debian

Download v1.3.1


Archlinux package of the engine



Available in “Armageddon” overlay under the name “solarus”. layman -a Armageddon

OpenBSD / FreeBSD

On OpenBSD and FreeBSD, the Solarus engine is available from the ports collection: games/solarus.


OpenSUSE package of the Solarus engine


Source code

Source code of the engine, editor and sample quest (all systems)

Download v1.3.1


  1. sorry, just having a hard time getting the source code, the link for it seems to be a win32 binary. i’ll try getting the git source instead. but looks like you have a wrong link up there.


  2. I can’t get the Windows executable to run (no error, just won’t launch. windows 7) – is it 32-bit only? If so, would it be possible to provide a 64-bit version also?

  3. It is possible to make a 64-bit version, but the 32-bit version is supposed works on 64-bit systems too. I just tried on Windows 7 64 bits and it works well, both with the installer and the zip.

  4. It works now, I just had the quest data in the wrong place. It might be helpful to throw an error if no quest is found, otherwise it could just look like the executable isn’t working.

  5. Hello,
    the link to 32bit ubuntu is the wrong one, it takes us to 64bit files.
    Thanks for your help !!

  6. I find a workaround : copy solarus.exe and all *.dll in sample_quest. Then I can run solarus.exe
    But now what is the solution to run solarus_quest_editor ?

  7. I also can’t get the win32 version to work. I have windows 7, 64 bit. Running solarus.exe gives no error, it just wont open. I tried changing compatibility modes and running as administrator – no luck.

  8. @Yolo you probably forgot to put game data. You need the data folder or the data.solarus archive of the game to run in the same directory
    When you run Solarus without game, an error message is displayed in the console, but there is no console with Windows :) Next versions should fix that and find a way to show a helpful message anyway.

  9. @Christopho, gave it a shot, but now got an error saying ‘Tuhis quest is made for Solarus 1.2.x but you are running 1.3.0. So, where do I get a fresh copy of a 1.3.0 data file? How come it isn’t included in the download? :S

  10. @Yolo This is the download page of Solarus, the engine alone. You can use it to run existing quest or to run your own quests. See the pages of our games to get their latest version.

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