Video tutorials

Christopho made video tutorials on Youtube about the basics of Solarus. They cover the basics of the creation of an ARPG with the engine and the game editor. You can also go to the complete playlist.

  1. Create a quest
  2. Zelda resource pack
  3. The map editor
  4. Grounds
  5. The quest tree
  6. Quest properties
  7. Getting started with Lua scripting
  8. Treasures
  9. Save the game
  10. Teletransporters
  11. How to scroll between maps of different sizes
  12. Stairs and holes
  13. Organize your code in separate files with require()
  14. How to create a tileset
  15. Map scripts
  16. How to create a sprite
  17. How to display an image
  18. Dialogs with a non-playing character
  19. Generalized NPCs
  20. Movements
  21. Jumpers
  22. Platforms
  23. Switch that triggers a mechanism
  24. Dynamic Tiles
  25. Timers
  26. Enemies
  27. Blocks
  28. Invisible walls
  29. Separators
  30. Sensors
  31. Destructible objects
  32. Doors
  33. The HUD
  34. Rupees
  35. Shops
  36. Let's swim

Migration guide

If your game is still using an old Solarus version, you may want to migrate to a new one. We made a migration guide.