Create with Solarus

So you want to create a game with Solarus? Here is a bit of help to help you setting up your first project.

  • Resources packs are Solarus quests containing only scripts and assets (tilesets, sprites, music, sounds, etc.), allowing you to begin with pre-made stuff.
  • Tutorials are a great way to start, explaining step by step how to build classic elements: maps, menus, cutscenes, puzzles, dungeons, enemies, etc.
  • Documentation for the Solarus Lua API is where you need to go if you have any question about how to use the API.

Contribute to Solarus

Solarus is made by amateurs on their free time, so the team would be very glad if you want to help in any way.

  • Read How to contribute and come talk with us on Discord, weither you are a C++/Lua developer, Solarus Quest maker, artist, musician, donator or anything else.
  • Donations are possible, if you feel generous. It will be very much appreciated and will go directly to the nonprofit organization!
  • Source code is hosted on Gitlab. Feel free to take a look. Source code documentation is the place for technical doc about the engine.