Zelda Return of the Hylian SE


Zelda Return of the Hylian Solarus Edition is a remake of the original Zelda Return of the Hylian, a short but pleasant fangame from Vincent Jouillat. The original game was developed in C++ and was released in 2009.

This new version is developed with the Solarus engine by Christopho, Mymy and Vincent Jouillat. While this is essentially the same game, a lot of details were improved thanks to the use of Solarus.

For users interested in creating games with Solarus, this project is also a great source of scripts. All items are scripted, including the hammer, the hookshot and the bow. There is also an elaborate dungeon room system using separators, with automatic restoration of enemies and pots.

The game is available in French, English, German and Spanish for now.


Authors: Christopho, Vincent Jouillat, Solarus Team

Release date: 13/08/2015

Players: 1

License: GNU GPL v3 (engine) - Copyright Nintendo (assets)

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish







Artworks and wallpapers



Wallpaper (1920x1080 px) - Blue background

Wallpaper (1920x1080 px) - Blue background

Wallpaper (1920x1080 px) - Indigo background

Wallpaper (1920x1080 px) - Indigo background


Fake SNES boxart



  • F1 : help
  • F11: full screen
  • Esc : save
  • SHIFT: run (you can even use Caps lock to always run)
  • CTRL + Directional key : move camera
  • Directional keys: Move Link and select options in the different subscreens.
  • "P" key: open map
  • Space bar: Action displayed in the icon (lift objects, activate switches, read, open doors and chests, skip dialogs when possible, etc.)
  • "C" key: Swing your sword
  • "D" key: Pause or resume the game. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch subscreens.
  • "X" key: Use item.




  • Zelda ROTH SE 1.2.0 for Windows : Zip archive (containing both the engine and the game's data - no installation)


  • Zelda ROTH SE 1.0.4 for OSX 10.7+: Zip archive (containing both the engine and the game's data - no installation)


  • Zelda ROTH SE 1.0.8 for Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:nate-devv/solarus
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install zelda-roth-se

Thanks to Nathan for the Ubuntu packages.

Source Code

This package only contains the data files of the game Zelda: Return of the Hylian Solarus Edition. You need Solarus to run this game.

  • Zelda ROTH SE 1.2.0 quest data (all systems) - Compatible with Solarus 1.6.x: archive

The source code is available on Github : https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/zelda-roth-se


Thanks goes first to Vincent Jouillat for creating the original version of Return of the Hylian.


Zelda Return Of The Hylian Solarus Edition is free and open-source, but if you want to help us, you can donate via PayPal, BitCoin or Flattr. Your support is very appreciated.