Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD

Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD is a parodic game that we released on April 1st, 2011. Though it’s a big April 1st joke, it’s a real, full game with two huge dungeons and 5-10 hours of playing.




  • Directional keys: Move Link and select options in the different subscreens.
  • Space bar: Action displayed in the icon (lift objects, activate switches, read, open doors and chests, etc.)
  • "C" key: Swing your sword; save your game when the game is paused; skip dialogs when possible.
  • "D" key: Pause or resume the game. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch subscreens.
  • "X" & "V" keys: Use items. In the game, set your items to the "X" and "V" icons to use them.
  • F5: Switch the screen resolution.

Note: these commands can be customized and joypads are supported.



  • ZSXD 1.9.0 for Windows : Installer
  • ZSXD 1.9.0 for Windows Zip archive – no installation : zip

Mac OS X

Thanks to vlag67 amd Lelinuxien for the Mac OS X ports.

  • ZSXD 1.9.0 for Mac OS X 10.6+ 64-bit (recommended) : zip
  • ZSXD 1.6.2 for Mac OS X 10.4+ 32-bit : zip
  • ZSXD 1.6.2 for Mac OS X PPC 10.2 to 10.3 : zip


On Debian / Ubuntu, the Solarus engine is separated from the games (ZSDX and ZSXD). You have to download the engine only once to be able to play both games.

  • Solarus 1.3.1 for Debian 32-bit : deb
  • Solarus 1.3.1 for Debian 64-bit : deb
  • ZSXD 1.9.0 for Debian (32-bit & 64-bit) : deb


On ArchLinux, the Solarus engine is separated from the games (ZSDX and ZSXD). You have to download the engine only once to be able to play both games.

Thanks to BenObiWan for the ArchLinux packages.


GCW-Zero is an open-source gaming console. Thanks to Shin-NiL for the GCW-Zero port.

Quick instructions to GCW-Zero users: install solarus.opk, copy the quest files anywhere you want, run the solarus engine, locate your data.solarus.zip file an run it.

  • Solarus 1.1.0 for GCW-Zero : opk
  • ZSXD 1.7.0 for GCW-Zero : zip


Available in “Armageddon” overlay under the name “zsdx”.

layman -a Armageddon


On OpenBSD, the Solarus engine is separated from the games (ZSDX and ZSXD). You do not have to install the engine separately; if you install one of the games and you do not already have the Solarus engine, it will be installed for you.

The Solarus engine and games are available from the ports collection: games/solarus.


On OpenSUSE, the Solarus engine is separated from the games (ZSDX and ZSXD).

Amiga OS 4

Thanks to HunoPPC for the Amiga port.

  • ZSXD 1.5.1 for Amiga OS 4 : lha


Still in beta. Please report any issues on Solarus forums.

Thanks to Sam101 for the Android port.

  • ZSXD 1.7.0 for Android : apk

Source code

This package only contains the data files of the game Zelda: Mystery of Solarus XD. You need Solarus to run this game.

  • ZSXD 1.9.0 quest data (all systems) - Compatible with Solarus 1.3.x : archive


Big thanks to all people who helped us for the development of this project! If you want to make a version for another system or architecture, translate the game, or just report a problem, feel free to contact me.


Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD is free and open-source, but if you want to help us, you can donate via PayPal, BitCoin or Flattr. Your support is very appreciated.


  1. How did you create it? Can you give me a list of scripts, folders, programs and all that you have used to do it please?

    Excuse me about my mystakes, I’m spanish.
    And thank you for put it in spanish! Very special thanks!

  2. @Anon : “DX” stands for “Deluxe” and means it’ is a deluxe version of the first version of the game which was made with RPG Maker a long time ago. Mystery Of Solarus “DX” is a pretty serious game, like any other regular Zelda. On the contrary, Mystery Of Solarus “XD” is a parodic Zelda game. “XD” is actually a laughing smiley if you turn your head ;-)

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