We care about how Solarus is introduced, notably when dealing with licenses. If you want to talk about Solarus in an article, please read these guidelines.

What is Solarus, and what it is not

Solarus is an engine built from scratch in C++, using SDL. Solarus-made games are called quests, and are written in Lua. Solarus does not contain any copyrighted code or assets: it is 100% free and open-source. Thus, Solarus cannot be eligible for a DMCA from anyone, including Nintendo.

However, some games made with Solarus are using copyrighted assets by Nintendo, mainly from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. This is for historical reasons and we make our possible to create Creative Commons assets to replace the Nintendo ones. Historically, Solarus began its life as a simple engine to power a The Legend of Zelda fan-game: Mystery Of Solarus DX.

Solarus, neither Solarus-made games, are a hack of the A Link To The Past ROM. Solarus is not a "Zelda engine" as can be read sometimes, it can power any Action-RPG or Action-Adventure game. A Link To The Past assets (tilesets, sprites, musics, etc.) are totally separated from the engine (the engine does not contain them).

Solarus is free, and licensed under GPL v3. It is not commercial software.

Solarus visual identity

When presenting Solarus, we recommand to use its logo rather than a picture containing copyrighted assets like A Link To The Past ones, or even The Legend of Zelda artworks we made for our fan-games. We want to dissociate Solarus from being just a "Zelda engine" and prevent useless debates about DMCA issues.

You can still then illustrate what have been made with Solarus with game screenshots or artworks.

Use any of the following pictures to present Solarus (click on the pictures to get the full size).

Logo for white/light backgrounds

Logo for white/light backgrounds

Solarus logo - White on black

Solarus logo - White on black

Solarus logo - For dark backgrounds

Solarus logo - For dark backgrounds

Solarus Quest Editor Logo

Solarus Quest Editor Logo

Solarus game library logo

Picture than can be used as a blog headline.

Editor screenshots

At the moment, our 100% free assets pack is not completed yet. So Solarus Quest Editor screenshots will contain copyrighted assets if you don't want it to be empty. It is a shame we cannot provide you screenshots with free material, so you can use the following ones anyway.


SQE map editor

SQE sprite editor

SQE tileset editor

SQE dialog editor

SQE Lua script editor

Solarus Team

Solarus Team is the people behind the Solarus project. We are mainly from Europe, and originally French-speaking countries, but people from other countries begin to join us. Solarus Team is also the team who made the The Legend Of Zelda fan-games presented on this website. Solarus Team boss is Christopho, who is also Solarus creator and main contributor. If you have any questions, he's the man.

We created a logo for our team. Use any of the following pictures, according to what fits best your needs.

Solarus Team logo (horizontal)

Solarus Team logo (vertical)

Solarus Team games

We made several fan-games using jointly Solarus and The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past assets. Each time we learn more and more about how to make action-RPG games. These games are a showcase of what can be achieved with the engine at the moment they are released. We don't make any money from these games; they are free. However, they are eligible for a DMCA from Nintendo.

Solarus Team's first game, and the one Solarus was originally created for.

Promotional art

Solarus Team's second game. It is a parodic game, short but hard and funny.

Promotional art

Mystery of Solarus XD sequel: better, longer, funnier, made in only 9 weeks.

Promotional art

A remake with Solarus of a fan-game by Vincent Jouillat. The first episode of a trilogy.

Promotional art

Vincent Jouillat's Return Of The Hylian sequel, and 2nd episode of the trilogy.

Promotional art