Source code


This page provides access to the source code repository of Solarus (the engine), Solarus Quest Editor and our games in their latest development version.

Solarus engine

The development version of Solarus is intented to be used by developers, contributors or people interested in the source code, but the code is often instable. If you just want the source code of the stable versions, have a look at the download page.

The source code is managed with git and the main repository is hosted by GitLab. The Solarus repository contains the source of the engine.

  • You can create a local copy of the repository on your machine with the following git command:
git clone

To compile and install the engine from the source code, please read the compilation instructions or the install.txt file from the repository. The Doxygen online documentation is also available.

Solarus Quest Editor

You can create your own games or modify one of ours with Solarus Quest Editor. Written in C++ with Qt, it is also free and open-source.


Our games are hosted in separate repositories:

Obviously, these repositories contain spoilers about what contain the games, so don’t look at the data files too deeply if you are more a player than a developer 😉