The Solarus engine, Solarus Quest Editor and all our games are free and open-source. We spend a lot of time working on the projects, and we intend to continue!

If you appreciate our work, your donations can help with the hosting fees and show that Solarus is appreciated.

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  1. Hi,

    Well done game and engine. Had this idea to create a zelda alttp remake with a loot system simillar to diablo. Skimmed over the source code on github and enjoyed seeing proper OOP done in C++. The treasure object being passed to entities is really charming and will help me with my new side project. Donated a little to show my appreciation. Keep doing what you are doing, i believe a lot of people appreciate it.

    Best Regards,
    Dorde Pozega

  2. Read over the source code because I’m looking to create a game in the simlar setup as zelda link to the past, this has been an amazing source to help things get clear in my head! So I had to donate something!

  3. Je te contacte ici, parce que c’est le seul endroit que j’ai trouvé mais je ne suis pas sûr :’)
    Mon skype -> clk900
    Je suis disponible tous les soirs de 8h à 23h ce qui laisse une grande marge.
    Pour le moment, seulement vendredi je ne pourrais pas être disponible.

    Voilà ^^

  4. Yes, we accept Bitcoin donations. For some reason, the widget wasn’t showing up. I’m on holidays, so I use a quick workaround. Thanks for you donation!

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