English tutorial!

More and more people are interested in creating games with Solarus. However, there was a lack of tutorials to explain how to do it.

There is a video tutorial in French, and a written tutorial also in French, but so far there was nothing in English. You guys were expecting it, here it is: the official English video tutorial!

I uploaded chapter 1 today, and more chapters will come in the next few days. The French tutorial has 55 episodes for now (and is not over!) so there is a lot of work! To get the updates, you can follow me on Twitter (@ChristophoZS) or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

We hope that you will enjoy these videos and more importantly, that you will be able to create lots of great games now 🙂

Bugfix release 1.2.1

A bugfix release named Solarus 1.2.1 is available!

It addresses a few issues with recent features that were not working correctly, like custom entities, and a problem of corrupted image when creating a new quest with the editor.

Changes in Solarus 1.2.1

  • Fix entity:is_in_same_region() giving wrong results (#500).
  • Fix custom_entity:set_can_traverse() giving opposite results.
  • Fix custom_entity:on_interaction() not always called.
  • Fix custom_entity sprite collision issues with some entities (#536).
  • Fix a crash in enemy:restart() when the enemy is dying (#558).
  • Fix hero:set_tunic_sprite_id() resetting the direction to right (#511).
  • Fix timer:get_remaining_time() always returning 0 (#503).
  • Fix declaring global variables from a map script (#507).
  • Fix the hero sometimes moving while no keys are pressed (#513). By xethm55.
  • Fix on_joypad events not always working (#519). By xethm55.
  • Add an error when a hero sprite animation is missing (#485). By Nate-Devv.

Changes in Solarus Quest Editor 1.2.1

  • Fix corrupted image in quest created by Quest > New quest (#548).
  • Fix tiles created on invisible layer (#508). By Maxs1789.
  • Fix crash when an NPC sprite does not have 4 directions (#510). By Maxs1789.

Custom entities

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