Children of Solarus (4th fortnightly screenshot)

Ahoy there again! Today we have our worst screenshot until now of the project Children of Solarus. But do not worry, because the next ones may have tasty surprises! 😀

Our screenshot shows Eldran jumping with the new custom jump, which is much better than the built-in jump used in MoS-DX. Some annoying pink flowers and a mysterious wooden house can be seen.

Challenge: Can you guess what is written in the signpost in morse code? 🙂

We are coming back in 2 weeks with more news. Stay tuned!

Children of Solarus (3rd fortnightly screenshot)

Ahoy there! Today, our new screenshot of the project Children of Solarus shows a delightful house, and a very suspicious clucko wandering around (who would not want to kill it???!!!). Stay tuned for a new screenshot in two weeks!

Special screenshot: sample map of house tileset

Greetings, fellows! Today we have a special screenshot which shows a sample map made with our new inner house tileset. Similar house maps will appear in our project Children of Solarus. This new tileset, still under development, includes many color variants for walls, tables, chairs, skulls, and other random and useless stuff!!! Stay tuned for incoming news.

Children of Solarus (2nd fortnightly screenshot)

Ahoy there! The Solarus Team has a second screenshot for you, from the project Children of Solarus. This time we show some houses of the village. Yup, those annoying birds that you can see in the image are cluckos! (As you may have guessed, cluckos will play a similar role in our games as cuccos do in Zelda games, although cluckos will be cooler and more stupid.) This small village is still under construction by the team, and more details will be added eventually, including the maps inside of houses. More incoming news for you in two weeks!

Children of Solarus (1st fortnightly screenshot)

The Solarus Team is gonna show you the progress on our first 100% original free game, Children of Solarus, with a new screenshot each two weeks. The mapping is still a bit experimental, so that in the final game there may be many changes, improvements and surprises with respect to what you see in our images. [Warning! Spoilers ahead!] This is the first screenshot, showing a secret dungeon, hidden (or not so hidden?) close to the village:

We have been working on improved weapons, like a new scripted shield that can be used directly (like the shield in Link’s Awakening or Minish Cap). The image shows the first shield of the game, the wooden shield, carried by our legendary hero Eldran. Stay tuned for more forthcoming news!