Solarus has moved to Gitlab

With the recent purchase of Github by Microsoft, the Solarus Team has decided to leave Github. We choose its alternative Gitlab, which we already know because we used it to secretly develop our last mini-game Mercuris Chess, in April last year.

All the projects are still on Github for the moment, but in a read-only state. If you want to contribute, the code is now here on Gitlab :

Be sure nothing will change, since Gitlab is almost identical. Development will work exactly as before.

See you soon!

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  1. I was surprised at how easy it was to switch to Gitlab. I was even able to easily import my repos from Github.

  2. So, you switched to Gitlab, only because MS bought Github?
    Sounds like pathetic paranoia to me…

  3. 1. We prefer Gitlab interface.
    2. We already used it for developing our game XD2, back in 2017, and liked it very much.
    3. It allows private repositories, which is good for developing games in secret (like XD2), and lots of other cool features.
    4. We wanted to switch from Github to Gitlab since that time (more than one year ago). Microsoft buying Github is simply the last small trigger.

    Nothing pathetic nor paranoiac here.

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