Special screenshot: sample map of house tileset

Greetings, fellows! Today we have a special screenshot which shows a sample map made with our new inner house tileset. Similar house maps will appear in our project Children of Solarus. This new tileset, still under development, includes many color variants for walls, tables, chairs, skulls, and other random and useless stuff!!! Stay tuned for incoming news.

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  1. Diarandor’s pixel skills are superb. Always looking excellent, but keep getting even better than before. Children of Solarus is gonna be brilliant.

  2. Thanks a lot zefk! 🙂 The game is expected to be finished/released around 2023, so there is still a long way to go… XD

  3. Why don’t you guys make a small crowd funding run to get some help with the graphics? The amount of tile sets to replace is not necessarily enourmous, and I am sure you guys could hire some help for a few thousand dollars and be done in a matter of months.

  4. Hi J.! A small crowd funding (for us) seems a good idea to me, as a motivation to work faster and a reward for the current work.

    On the other hand, I’ll give you my personal opinion as the main artist of the project CoS:
    1) Hiring a pro is too expensive for me (my salary is too low, so I cannot afford that). Cheap artists are bad, and I want quality, which is also important for us to give a nice impression when we sell the game someday in a few years if all goes so well as expected.
    2) His/her graphics might clash with mine in sizes, style, etc, which would be terrible. I want consistency and make things perfect.
    3) And since that artist probably would not know the engine, the tilesets/sprites would not be so focused on the tools of our editor (my tilesets are made with all of this in mind and are very flexible, and my enemy sprites are made taking into account the programming part).
    4) The hardest and most annoying parts are already done (mountain tiles, hero sprites, etc), and the remaining part is the fun part which I want to do the most (although drawing and coding enemies is very hard and a humongous work, I really like to do it as my main hobby).
    5) Christopho is working on so many projects at the same time (including the new version of the engine) that his mapping work on CoS is slow (finishing CoS is gonna take a few years no matter what), so we are not in a rush to have all graphics done so fast.
    6) I would really like to say someday that I made all the graphics of this game, as a matter of self-fulfilment and a personal challenge. I have learned a lot of things of pixel-art (and of the engine) and I want to keep improving on it. I’m also becoming a bit faster with the creation of new pixel-art.
    7) I want someday make my “own” game with Solarus (a more ambitious one) with my own graphics, by using/recycling all my current art and adding much more. Creating the art for this game (CoS) is part of that work. I hope to have much help from the team the day I start that project, but that will be after we finish CoS.

  5. Hey again.

    One question, I was under the impression that CoS was going to be the same as ZSDX but with FLOSS assets. What will be the mapping differences to be exact?

  6. There will be no or few mapping differences. The important differences will be for enemies and bosses, wich will have a completely different behavior and will be more challenging sometimes (this will affect gameplay in combats). Some weapons like the shield and feather may have active/improved versions. Other surprises and easter eggs will appear in the plot, trading item sequences or item locations, powerups, new secret areas, etc.

  7. Thanks a lot, although I prefer to keep working alone for now because the hardest part (overworld tileset) is mostly done and the rest is easier, and also I don’t like the idea of mixing tilesets and sprites of different styles: the art will clash too much for sure. I want to learn more pixel art and this is part of the process. Also, combining my art with other’s would take much acknowledgement from my work, which is something I don’t want either (yeah, I am human, so I have an evil and selfish side XD). A huge part of the remainig pixel art to do is mostly enemy sprites (and some NPCs), and to be consistent with my art, it is better that I finish the work I started a few years ago. My enemy sprites are always made with the code in mind, that is, split in pieces in a nice way to code them and make cool things with small images, which is something that most artists never do because they usually don’t know programming. At present, the project advances slowly in part because Chris is in too many projects at the same time, which always gives me time to prepare the art he needs for the next streaming, and that is really nice.

    By the way, thanks a lot for sharing those links. I hope someone uses those graphics for some cool project and gives some money in exchange to the author, because he deserves it. You (or him) should probably do some publicity for him in the forums, and hopefully he will find a programmer that wants to make a nice game with that art (with Solarus, I hope :P).

  8. I will create an interactive map which will help high school age students understand, visualize, and interact with events in the Middle East. Since there were so many contested areas and spaces within the region, creating an interactive map would be quite helpful.

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