• Solarus 1.0.1 released

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    An update of Solarus 1.0 is available!

    This update fixes a bunch of bugs of previous versions (some of them were very old!), and improves the documentation as well as the quest editor. It is recommended to upgrade.

    Because it is a patch release (1.0.0 to 1.0.1), there is no change in the format of data files or in the Lua API, everything remains compatible.

    Changes in Solarus

    • Fix the Mac OS X port.
    • Fix jump movement accross two maps ending up in a wall (#189).
    • Fix a possible crash in TextSurface.
    • Fix the hero disappearing a short time after using the sword (#35).
    • Fix the boomerang failing to bring back pickables sometimes (#187).
    • Fix parallax scrolling tiles not always displayed (#167).
    • Fix the setting joypad_enabled that had no effect (#163).
    • Fix doors not working when they require equipment items.
    • Fix a possible compilation warning in Surface.cpp.
    • Fix creating a transition from the callback of a previous one.
    • Fix crystal blocks animated late when coming from a teletransporter (#61).
    • Fix arrows that got stopped when outside the screen (#73).
    • Fix diagonal movement that failed in narrow passages (#39).
    • Don’t die if a script makes an error with a sprite (#151).
    • Don’t die if a script makes an error with an enemy attack consequence.
    • Allow enemies to lose 0 life points when attacked (#137).
    • Pixel-precise collisions can now also be performed on 32-bit images.

    Changes in Solarus Quest Editor

    • Add the possibility to show or hide each type of entity (#60).
    • Keep the map coordinates shown when changing the zoom (#183).
    • Fix the map view not updated correctly when changing the zoom (#174).
    • Show the correct sprite of destructible objects (#77).
    • Show an appropriate error message if the LuaJ jar is missing (#173).
    • Fix the title bar string (#176).

    Documentation changes


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